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Roger & Daughter - 2009

Fullerton Electrician serving Orange County, CA

Hello, my name is Roger, owner of NoFixNoPay. Over the years my world has revolved around inspection-perfect installations for the National Electrical Contractor's Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NECA/IBEW), and other projects for licensed merit shops, and property owners in California.

Allow me to introduce the most restrictively-regulated electrician available, a Journeymen abiding by license law in California. With no legal authority to exploit owners with unconscionable contracts or mechanic liens.


Consumer protection has leverage:

Screw the lawyers, Your Under Arrest:
Owners know SWIFT (562) 345-7600 can prosecute unlicensed contractors that invoice over $500 or attempt liens.

Screw Your Up-Sell Scam:   No upgrades may be required.

Screw Your Price Gouging:   Owners inspect all receipts, then pay after satisfied no rip-offs exist.

Without resale licensing original receipts & product listings must be surrendered to the client. No supply-house price gouging for uncertified, unlisted, old equipment from remodeled buildings, or previously-used truck stock.

Potential for mischief is endless:
Customers know corporate-employees for what they often are: exploited, unqualified or disgruntled, with workmanship that leads to electrocuted children; resulting in nothing more than a corporate name change and business as usual.

With employers discouraged from screening felons, or registered sex offenders, there is no State protection.

As Donald Trump says, "Your Fired:"   Consumers deserve the leverage to terminate dirtbags at will, with no threat of contract breach or mechanic leins against owner property.

NoFixNoPay keeps the crooks away.

License, Certification, & Insurance:

No Builders License: NoFixNoPay is a Journeyman lacking contract, permit, or lien authority. Without employment proof, projects fall under the "unlicensed" minor work exemption set by the Contractor's State License Board (CA B&P 7048)

Industry Certs: renew on request, or where required by law.

  1. CA General Electrician 117338, 8000 hrs
  2. CAL-OSHA training
  3. Red Cross CPR cert
  4. Powered industrial trucks
  5. Association of Petroleum Institutes (API WorkSafe)
  6. Los Angeles Refinery Safety Overview (LA RSO)
  7. Southern CA Edison - Lighting Academy
  8. IHACI / NATE - HVAC System Diagnostics 2011

Continuing Education Units: CEU's:

  1. IAEI Orange Empire Division, CEU training 2011-Present

Emergency Medical: VA-HCS is accepted by any emergency room or VA hospital

Fan Master

Call Roger @ 714.803.2849

Don't get screwed by unskilled apprentices, and exploited laborers, sent by Dirtbag Grinders-R-Us.

See what Home Depot, and Yelp customers have been saying about helping me perform inspection-perfect repairs, from rates published right on the invoice.

  • Inspection corrections.

  • Power Failures,
    Fuse Box Retrofit Kits, & listed repairs.

  • Outdoor Power & Lighting

  • Ceiling fans, Bath fans, & Attic fans.

  • Pool & Spa hookups, GFCI Protection, Outlet troubles.

  • Disposer, Dishwasher, Hood Vent, Electric Oven installs.

  • Repair & upgrades of Knob & Tube wiring, garages, & kitchens.

  • Sprinkler timers, Landscape lighting, Low-Voltage transformers.

  • Licensed partners referred for remodel projects

Updated March, 2015