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    Recently had an inspection? We can help with inspection corrections.

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    Experience a power failure? We can come out and get you back up and running after a power failure.

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    We provide fuse box repair services, meter-center repair and fuse box retrofit kits.

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    We install outdoor power and lighting for residential properties.

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    We repair and install ceiling fans, bath fans and attic fans.

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    We can hep you with installing disposers, dishwashers, hood vents and electric ovens.

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    We repair and upgrade know and tube wiring in garages and kitchens.

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    We install and upgrade sprinkler timers, landscape lighting and low-voltage transformers.

Meet the Owner

Me and my daughter

Roger has worked as an electrician with both Union/schools and Merit-shop contractors in California for over ten years. As a former paralegal and business school graduate, he references consumer protection issues and industry practices of the construction trades.

Over the years my world has revolved around inspection-perfect installations for the National Electrical Contractor’s Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NECA/IBEW), and other projects for licensed merit shops, and property owners in California.

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License, Certification, & Insurance

No Builders License: 
When Roger Ruhle DBA: NoFixNoPay became an independent contractor in 2007, without NECA-IBEW or other licensed-electrical employers, CA General Electrician Certification “RUHL9106” was no longer required, per CLC §3099.2.

Without employment proof in California, projects under $500 fall under the State’s “unlicensed” minor work exemption CA B&P 7048. With no builders License or Certification to renew, fire & safety-code Continuing Education Units (CEU) are kept current with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)

Continuing Education Units: (CEU):

This training reveals industry-sponsored and other changes, to building and fire-codes, such as AFCI & GFCI replacements. Claim adjusters void property insurances if Fire Marshals determine the wrong replacements were involved in a catastrophe.

Home owners get it, when shown the law that voids their insurance. Using outdated code cycles during construction or maintenance is detrimental to home-owner insurance.

No Lawsuits, No Liens, No Fix No Pay:
1) No employees, or helpers. No Workers Comp. violations
2) No Remodels, or repairs =>$500. No License violations
3) No down payment, or Financial Bonds needed
4) No way to void Home-Owner Insurance. No GL policies
5) Material receipts & refunds surrendered to client

Emergency Medical:
VA-HCS is accepted by any emergency room or VA hospital

History of Industry Certs: – No Longer required by law.

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