While most unlicensed contractors are ignorant of the laws governing their industry, Roger developed NoFixNoPay with a model that enforces consumer rights. He developed invoices with prices published on the front side, and the laws on the back side. Which, among other things, explains how judges must adjudicate in favor of consumers when contractors lack licensing, permit, lawsuit, or lien authority.

Company History

Established in 2008. Orange County, CA DBA: NoFixNoPay is the most restrictively-regulated, service-truck ready operation in Southern California. With no legal authority to exploit owners with unconscionable contracts or mechanic liens, NoFixNoPay keeps the crooks away.

Consumer protection has leverage:

Screw the lawyers, Your Under Arrest:
Owners know SWIFT (562) 345-7600 can prosecute unlicensed contractors that invoice over $500 or attempt liens.

Screw Your Up-Sell Scam:
No upgrades may be required.

Screw Your Price Gouging:   Owners inspect all receipts, then pay after satisfied no rip-offs exist.
Without resale licensing original receipts & product listings must be surrendered to the client. No supply-house price gouging for uncertified, unlisted, old equipment from remodeled buildings, or previously-used truck stock.

Potential for mischief is endless:
Customers know corporate-employees for what they often are: exploited, unqualified or disgruntled, with workmanship that leads to electrocuted children; resulting in nothing more than a corporate name change and business as usual.

With employers discouraged from screening felons, or registered sex offenders, there is no State protection.

As Donald Trump says, “Your Fired:”   Consumers deserve the leverage to terminate dirtbags at will, with no threat of contract breach or mechanic leins against owner property.

NoFixNoPay keeps the crooks away.

License, Certification, & Insurance:

No Builders License: 
NoFixNoPay is a Journeyman lacking contract, permit, or lien authority. Without employment proof, projects fall under the “unlicensed” minor work exemption CA B&P 7048, enforced by the Contractor’s State License Board.

Continuing Education Units: CEU’s:

  1. IAEI Orange Empire Division, CEU training 2011-Present

This training reveals industry-sponsored and other changes, to building and fire-codes, such as AFCI & GFCI replacements. Claim adjusters void property insurances if Fire Marshals determine the wrong replacements were involved in a catastrophe.

Home owners get it, when shown the law that voids their insurance. Using outdated code cycles during construction or maintenance is detrimental to home-owner insurance.

History of Industry Certs:
Certifications renew for employers, or where otherwise required by law.

  1. CA General Electrician 117338, 8000 hrs
  2. CAL-OSHA training
  3. Powered industrial trucks
  4. Association of Petroleum Institutes (API WorkSafe)
  5. Los Angeles Refinery Safety Overview (LA RSO)
  6. Southern CA Edison – Lighting Academy
  7. IHACI / NATE – HVAC System Diagnostics 2011

Emergency Medical: 
VA-HCS is accepted by any emergency room or VA hospital