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This training reveals code-cycle changes to building and fire-codes, such as AFCI, GFCI protections, and lighting-efficiency requirements.  Claim adjusters void property-insurances claims if Fire Marshals determine improper, or un-listed replacements were involved in a catastrophe.

Home owners get it, when shown the law that voids insurance. Using outdated code cycles during construction or maintenance is detrimental to home-owner insurance.

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems – Anaheim Rebate Program
Therapeutic Pools, Tubs, and Hydro-Massage Bathtubs
Counterfeit Electrical Products
Residential Lighting: Title 24 and Technology Update
Life and Death Regulations
Appliances – 2014 NEC
Going Outside the Box
Tap Rules – 2014 NEC
Pools, Spas, and Fountains – 2014 NEC
Significant Electrical Code Changes – Part 8
Analysis of Changes — 2014 NEC Part 6-B
IAEI 2014 NEC Part 1
2016 CA Energy Code Update
Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders

IAEI-Going Outside The Box

Box-Fill Calculations

IAEI-Box-Fill Calcs

IAEI Plan Checker Perspectives

IAEI Plan Checker Perspectives

Residential Energy Codes

IAEI Res-Energy Code

Overcurrent Protective Device Basics


Fuse Box & Feeder Calcs

IAEI Fuse Box & Feeder Calcs

Inspecting NEC Articles 400-408 (Switches, Plugs, AFCI, GFCI Requirements)

2013 CEC Changes for 2011 NFPA-70 Building-Code Cycle

Local Training from FLUKE Equipment Vendor

Education Program: Residential Inspections.

Title 24 & 20 Energy Code Compliance

Southern California Edison (SCE) – Lighting Academy

SCE Lighting Academy 8-2012

Identify Unlisted & Counterfeit Equipment

California Electrical Code (CEC)

Residential Inspections & PalanCheck