Help with minor-inspection corrections from Home inspectors, and Local-housing authorities.


    Most residential power & lighting failures are repaired within 2 hours.


    Providing normal servicing of equipment that remains within a facility, or replacement of listed equipment on a one-to-one basis. No Service Upgrades.


    Security lights,  high-efficiency retrofits, controls, can-to-pendant conversion, and repair of wiring methods.

  • FANS

    Bath & ceiling fans, fan-rated boxes, remotes, and required disconnects.


    Replace small-appliances, such as vent fans, light fixtures, thermostats, doorbells, disposers, microwave / hood vents, dishwashers, disconnects for larger appliances, and GFCI power outlets.


    Remove extension cord fire hazards, and remodel-wiring hazards. Replace missing tamper resistant devices, missing AFCI and GFCI devices at source, or first outlet.


    Using listed outdoor-rated equipment, with high-efficiency lighting, low-voltage transformers, and weather resistant in-use outlets.

Meet the Owner

Me and my daughter

Roger is an owner operator, going on 20 years with prior Union and Merit-shop electrical-trade experience. As a former paralegal and business school undergraduate, he references consumer protection issues, and industry-trade practices

Always under $500, and specialized in the electrical-repair standards that property insurance demands.

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License, Certification, & Insurance

No Builders License:
When Roger Ruhle DBA: NoFixNoPay became an independent contractor in 2007, without NECA-IBEW, or C10 licensed-electrical employers, CA General Electrician Certification “RUHL9106” was no longer required, per CLC §3099.2.

Without employment proof projects fall under the State’s “unlicensed” minor-work exemption, CA B&P 7048; unless advertising violations void this exception, CA B&P 7027.2. The courts combine labor and material cost –of all workers on site– to test this $500 limit, and legally disgorge all payment for violations.  Any licensing violation, helper lacking workman’s compensation, open building permits, or fire-safety code negligence, discovered by claims investigators also voids property insurances.

With no builders license or trade certification to renew, fire & safety-code Continuing Education Units (CEU) are voluntary, with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), Edison Education Centers, SoCal Edison, and Anaheim Public Utility.  A $2 million Commercial General-Liability policy is also voluntary, with Penn Star Insurance Co. and limited to minor work defined by law.

When clients stop wanting to enforce “Always Under $500” for minor repairs, or when competitor complaints to the License Board with invitations to SWIFT job-site stings grow tiresome, NoFixNoPay can always stop advertising this unlicensed limit under $500, remove it from the invoice, and join the unlimited fraternity of State licenses, with jobs run by helpers, and corporate structures.





No Lawsuits, No Liens, NoFixNoPay:
1) No employees, or helpers. No Workers Comp. violations
2) Always Under $500. No License violations
3) $2 Million General Liability Policy
4) Specialized in the standards property insurance demands
5) 20yrs Electrical Industry Experience

Emergency Medical:
VA-HCS is accepted by any emergency room or VA hospital

Continuing Education Units (CEU) training

This training reveals industry-sponsored and other changes to building and fire-codes, such as AFCI & GFCI replacements. Claim adjusters void property insurances if Fire Marshals determine the wrong replacements were involved in a catastrophe; which frequently occurs with kitchen, bathroom, and lighting remodels.

Home owners get it, when shown the practices that voids their insurance. Letting contractors use laborers to work on wiring devices without Workman’s Compensation insurance, or qualified building-code training, typically occurs during remodel renovations, unqualified DIY, or handyman repairs, and is detrimental to property insurance.

History of Voluntary Industry Certs: