Recently had an inspection? We can help with inspection corrections.


    Experience a power failure? We can come out and get you back up and running after a power failure.


    We provide fuse box repair services, meter-center repair and fuse box retrofit kits.


    We install outdoor power and lighting for residential properties.

  • FANS

    We repair and install fans, or convert cans to pendants.


    We can replace disposers, microwave/hood vents, and hook up dishwashers, electric ovens, electric water heaters, steam generators, hot tubs, and car chargers


    We remove extension cord fire hazards, remodel wiring hazadards, and replace with proper GFCI safety devices, Tamper Resistant outlets, and AFCI circuit breakers.


    We install and upgrade sprinkler timers, landscape lighting and low-voltage transformers.

Meet the Owner

Me and my daughter

Roger has worked as an electrician with both Union/schools and Merit-shop contractors in California for over ten years. As a former paralegal and business school graduate, he references consumer protection issues and industry practices of the construction trades.

Over the years my world has revolved around inspection-perfect installations for the National Electrical Contractor’s Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NECA/IBEW), and other projects for licensed merit shops, and property owners in California.

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License, Certification, & Insurance

No Builders License:
When Roger Ruhle DBA: NoFixNoPay became an independent contractor in 2007, without NECA-IBEW or other licensed-electrical employers, CA General Electrician Certification “RUHL9106” was no longer required, per CLC §3099.2.

Without employment proof in California, projects under $500 fall under the State’s “unlicensed” minor work exemption CA B&P 7048. With no builders License or Certification to renew, fire & safety-code Continuing Education Units (CEU) are kept current with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)

Continuing Education Units: (CEU):

This training reveals industry-sponsored and other changes, to building and fire-codes, such as AFCI & GFCI replacements. Claim adjusters void property insurances if Fire Marshals determine the wrong replacements were involved in a catastrophe.

Home owners get it, when shown the law that voids their insurance. Using outdated code cycles during construction or maintenance is detrimental to home-owner insurance.

No Lawsuits, No Liens, No Fix No Pay:
1) No employees, or helpers. No Workers Comp. violations
2) No Remodels, or repairs =>$500. No License violations
3) No down payment, or Financial Bonds needed
4) No way to void Home-Owner Insurance. No GL policies
5) Material receipts & refunds surrendered to client

Emergency Medical:
VA-HCS is accepted by any emergency room or VA hospital

History of Industry Certs: – No Longer required by law.