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Published-forum dialog occurs between tradepersons, inspectors, engineers, licensed builders, suppliers, building officials, union recruiters, organizers, and other building-industry members. The extraordinary and common trade practices described on these forums are not always read nor checked by each participating member.

The forum links below show entire discussions where the user “ramsy” contributed a comment. Readers can see my comments ranging from local & State laws, building codes and engineering, to criticism of industry practice. My recent comments discribe why apprentices are still being recruited during a recession, and how they are exploited by false represention of livelihood, then dumped overboard to depend on State unemployment systems.

1) Electrician Talk

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For the strictly moderated forums, members are periodically suspended or banned for mysterious reasons. Participation is best described as transient. While some trade-groups still manage to evangalize their own intrest, other well ajusted experts don’t volunteer their trade knowledge without proper provocation. Unfortunately, the most usefull information must be provoked, but is also the first to get deleted.

The popular trade forum below is represented by its share of contractors, layed-off Union workers, unlicensed side workers, home-owners, and Do It Yourselfers (DIY), which repeatedly ask similar questions to armchair building officials, inspectors, engineers, instructors, and legal councel. Some of these armchair experts can be helpful, but there also exists a real danger in avoiding skilled professionals, avoiding permits and locally adopted codes, or avoiding inspection by the local Authority having jurisdiction.

2) Mike Holt Publications

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Across all the forums, networking with forum membership to locate replacement equipment, no longer manufactured, has been most useful to me. Some commercial-property owners are also seen canvasing for contractors & engineers in their area. Members can be seen networking their tallent, and offering their contractor’s license for rent or RMO. However, the majority of correspondence is not illicitly conducted in public forum topics, but thru private messeges sent between user mailboxes, which are assigned as part of forum membership.

3) Electrical Contractor Network

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