Fuse Box Bomb

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Report From Invoice: Power Failure – Electrical Equipment Damage – Emergency Repair 1) Found Main Power Bus destroyed – Burn damage.  Main Breaker sparking in fuse box 2) Found Main Breaker destroyed – Burn damage.  Disconnect equipment 3)   Edison scheduled to unlock meter for repairs.  Tenant left for the night 4)   Ordered all replacement parts with supplier. Will be ready … Read More

Class 2 Pump Controller

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In CA, the public can report any Trade advertisement, to the Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT), if lacking valid license number, or the term “Unlicensed” B&P 7027. www.cslb.ca.gov/Resources/FormsAndApplications/AdvertisingComplaint.pdf For Permit violations: www.cslb.ca.gov/Resources/FormsAndApplications/PermitViolation.pdf For licensing, Workers Comp., or Code violations: www.cslb.ca.gov/Resources/FormsAndApplications/BuildingDepartmentReferralForm.pdf Nice tools for licensed competitors trying to remove rivals, if enforcement resources respond. While municipal inspector’s “Stop Order” authority has … Read More

Attic Exhaust Fan

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The Regulatory Environment Prosecuting license law & hazardous construction requires due process. Violations must be reported, and Notice to Appear “NTA” served. My State license board’s Press Releases & Consumer Alerts tracks stings & enforcement actions statewide. However, unless installing fire systems under Fire-Marshal enforcement, licensed contractors are leading the industry’s high-profile catastrophes, which point squarely to complete regulatory failure. U.S.-Sino Investment laborer Raul … Read More

Trench for Outdoor Power

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The consequences for consumers goes beyond financial exploit. Contractors that bid without permits, plans, or inspections, rely instead on UGLY’S ® or NFPA ® “ampacity tables”. Unfortunately, the temperature columns are invalid in many conditions, requiring a torturous-derating adjustment less intuitive than the engineering it was designed to replace. The industry practice of exploiting employees or draftstmen; to avoid skilled … Read More

Meter-Center Repair Saves $5000

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During this service call, an old Pushmatic 6-meter center was found with panel door missing, and loose cover that exposed it to weather & corrosion. When the main breakers failed to reset the fraternity boys hammered on them until shorting bus to panel. Contractors insisted on new equipment, quoting $5000 for rough & finish of new Uni-pak with larger dimensions. … Read More

New Equipment Saves $4500

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This customer wanted an electrical-service upgrade, and grounding wire to all receptacles, so they could use 3-prong plugs. After completing an NFPA-70 Art.220 load calculation, and locating proper equipment for the existing service, with room for a spare slot, the owners were told: “You could ask a licensed contractor to do this work, and a 200A service upgrade will run … Read More